The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI): contributes to social innovation with research and developement of Artificial Intelligence.

*JSAI operations*

1. Annual Conference, Workshops, SIG, AI Seminar
2. Publication: Journal of JSAI, Transaction of AI
3. Awards
4. Research and Investigation
5. Collaboration with Other Societies related with AI
6. Misc

*Events and Publications*

Annual Conference (Spring)
Joint SIG Workshop (Autumn)
International Symposium (isAI)
AI Seminar
Journal of JSAI
Transaction of JSAI

Journal of JSAI (Current Issue: Vol 32 (5))

Current Issue: Vol 32 (5)


  • Commentary
  • Article
  • Special Issue:“Introduction to AI and Society”
  • Special Issue:“Intelligent Information Processing with Human-Machine Harmonious Collaboration”
  • Special Issue:“Computer Go Beyond Human”
  • Special Issue:“Special Issue on Agent”
  • Lecture Series:“Singularity and AI”(2)
  • Series:“First-Person’s View”(3)
  • My Bookmark

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  • General Information: info [at] ai-gakkai.or.jp
  • About our WWW pages: jsai-admin [at] ai-gakkai.or.jp

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