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Revised on May 22, 2014.

This page introduces the rules and usage of “JSAI Notification Mailing List” (ann_mail

(1) Outline of the Mailing List

This mailing list is available free of charge to anyone interested in artificial intelligence, not limited to members of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence. To make the mailing list useful for artificial intelligence research in Japan, we look forward to many of you joining JSAI and providing information.

The contents dealt with in the mailing list are described below.

  1. Notification of the Annual Conferences, special interest groups, and seminars hosted by JSAI
  2. Notification of special interest groups sponsored by JSAI and of other academic societies’ special interest groups related to artificial intelligence
  3. Notification from the Administrative Office of JSAI
  4. Recruitment or internship information of JSAI Supporting Members
    (Enter “[Support Member’s Announcement]” at the title’s head in the posting form.)
  5. Other topics related to artificial intelligence

As presented above, we provide topics related to artificial intelligence and associated topics.

(2) Policy on Membership management

The mailing list is managed by the Public Relations Committee of JSAI. The mailing list is to distribute information related to artificial intelligence. With regard to postings, read the section of “How to Post” below.

When the following cases are applicable, the person will be deleted from the list of members of the mailing list without warning.

  1. Emails are unreachable (such as user unknown and host unknown)
  2. It is a cause of accidents, such as loop emails

(3) How to Join

Input your email address into the form below and press the submit button.

A subscription confirmation email will be delivered to the email address entered. Subscription will be completed by accessing the URL listed in the body of the email.

(4) How to Leave

Subscription cancellation application from WWW

Input your email address into the form below and press the submit button.

A subscription cancellation confirmation email will be delivered to the email address entered. Subscription cancellation will be completed by accessing to the URL listed in the body of the email.

Several emails might be delivered after the subscription cancellation has been completed because of delivery delay of the mailing list.

(5) How to Post

Members of the mailing list cannot post messages directly. If you wish to post a message, then post the message from the following:

Posting Form for JSAI Notification Mailing List (JP).

We recommend that you use the system actively as a means to distribute information related to artificial intelligence widely. Requests from non-JSAI members and information about special interest groups not hosted or co-hosed by JSAI can be posted, as long as the topics are related to artificial intelligence.

Prepare articles keeping the following points in mind.

  • Distribution to the mailing list will be made three times a week (Mon, Wed, and Fri).
    • Note that we distribute those postings accepted after the previous delivery on the day of next distribution. For that reason, postings will not be distributed even if deadlines have been set during the period.
  • Articles to be submitted must be text only, in principle.
  • Do not use half-width kana characters.
  • Files might be attached for those impossible to express in text, such as an information map and application form. However, satisfy the following requirements:
    • Use alphanumeric characters only for file names;
    • Use gif, jpeg, pdf, and html formats only;
    • Do not compress files; and
    • The maximum size is 300 kB. (For files larger than that, indicate them for download from some other site.)

Emails containing the following contents will not be carried in some cases. The determination will be made by the Public Relations Committee.

  1. Direct emails for commercial purposes, or other similar contents
  2. Contents containing libel or slander
  3. Topics poorly related to activities of JSAI
  4. Those not applicable to “information related to artificial intelligence”
  5. Contents that cannot be distributed via email, such as too much content
  6. Other contents that the manager determines inappropriate

Even when your posting was unable to be distributed, we will not send a reply to that effect, in particular. Please be forewarned.

If you want to correct your article or stop its distribution after a request has been made, send a revised article from the Posting Form for JSAI Notification Mailing List (JP), or inform us that you want to stop the posting. In doing so, you must always include “[Revision]” in the title to indicate that it is a revision. A request for revision cannot be accepted through correspondence in the remarks column of the form only, or via an email to the manager.

Error distribution or double distribution might occur because of wrong crossing of distribution work. Please carefully consider when making the initial request for distribution and do not make a request for correction of the article or stop distribution to the greatest extent possible.

(6) How to Refer to Past Emails

You can refer to past emails in the list of the mailing list (JP).

To protect the server capacity, we delete emails exceeding 1,000 as needed.

(7) Collaboration with Twitter

We distribute the titles of emails delivered to the mailing list and the URL to the archive from the Twitter account @jsai_ml