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To be a JSAI’s member, go through the procedure using the application forms below after carefully reading this page (activities of JSAI, types and fees of membership, privileges of membership, how to pay membership fees, and how to withdraw from membership, etc.).
If you are a JSAI’s individual member, you can update your profile such as address, e-mail address, password, and so on from [Member Page], and you can check your payment status of annual membership fee.


Recommendation for Joining the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) was established in July 1986, reorganized into an incorporated association in September 1990, and shifted further into a general incorporated association on April 1, 2013. JSAI is an academic society with about 5,200 members (as of March 2020).

JSAI aims to contribute the progress and development of science and industry in the field in Japan through promotion of interdisciplinary academic research related to artificial intelligence and offering a place for exchanges between members and with related academic associations, as well as to contribute to progress in the field around the world through international activities.

We highly recommend joining JSAI to those who are interested in artificial intelligence, encompassing the study and application of logic, linguistics, psychology, and cognitive science as basic theories of artificial intelligence, but also expression, acquisition, learning, and inference of knowledge as the basis of knowledge information processing, and further, research such as knowledge-based systems, knowledge management, agent, understanding of spoken dialogue and image, multimedia processing, interface, and natural language understanding, web intelligence, e-Learning, e-Business, the semantic web, and bioinformatics.

Activities of JSAI

Current activities and future plans are as described below.

  1. Publishes the Journal of JSAI six times a year and releases the Transactions of JSAI on J-stage. The main contents include papers submitted by members and explanatory lectures by experts in various fields associated with artificial intelligence, from basics to application.
  2. Holds the Annual Conference and international workshops once a year.
  3. Offers special interest groups(Click here for details on each special interest group.),symposiums, seminars, and lecture meetings.
  4. Promotes the vitalization and diversification of activities of JSAI through co-hosting, sponsoring, and supporting various events held by related academic societies.
  5. Makes a selection of the JSAI Contribution Award, JSAI Distinguished Service Award, JSAI Achievement Award, JSAI Best Paper Award, Field Innovation Award, JSAI Incentive Award, JSAI Annual Conference Award, and Title of Fellow to encourage research and commend research achievements.
  6. Is engaged in international activities, including exchanges with overseas academic societies and hosting of international conferences.

Types and Fees of Membership

Types of membership are as described below.

  1. Member: Individuals who approve of the JSAI purposes
  2. Student Member: Individuals who are students and who approve of the purposes of JSAI (including those who are enrolled in a doctoral program)
  3. Supporting Member: Individuals or organizations who support the business of JSAI
  4. Special Subscribing Member: Organizations, such as libraries, who approve of the purposes of JSAI and subscribe to journals published by JSAI to be read widely

Annual membership fees and admission fees are as described below.


TypeMemberStudentSupportingSpecial Subscribing
annual membership fees10,000 Yen(no tax)4,000 Yen(no tax)80,000 yen/unit(no tax)15,000 Yen(inc. tax)
entrance fee2,000 Yen(no tax)1,000 Yen(no tax)

A regular member aged 65 and over, who has been JSAI member for not less than 20 years, could apply for long-term member.
After JSAI board meeting acknowledges the application, his/her annual membership fee will be exempted for half amount from the next fiscal year.
See the details from here.

Privileges of Membership

Individual members of JSAI have privileges as described below after the admission is approved.

  1. Receive each issue of the Journal of JSAI and have the access right to the electronic version.
  2. Are able to participate in and make presentations at the Annual Conference and special interest groups hosted by JSAI and to submit papers to the Journal of JSAI. (Submissions for the Transactions of JSAI shall be released in the Electronic Transactions of JSAI on J-stage after having undergone a peer review in the Editorial Committee of JSAI.)
  3. Are able to participate in all events hosted, co-hosted, or sponsored by JSAI, such as seminars and lecture meetings. (The member rate is applicable when entry fees are needed.)
  4. Receive preferential benefits when purchasing publications involving JSAI. (The member rate is applicable when purchasing back issues of the Journal of JSAI, SIG notes, Proceedings of annual conferences, and seminar texts.)
  5. Of Members, Board Members and Delegates can exercise voting rights, attending to general meetings.

Privileges of Supporting Members are as described below after the admission is approved, according to the number of units of membership fees.

  • Recommendation for Delegates・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・One person per every five units
  • Treatment as a member in attending the Annual Conference・・・・・・・・・Five persons per unit
  • Treatment as a member in attending seminars・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Three persons per unit
  • Free availability of the Journal of JSAI・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Two copies per unit
  • Free availability of the SIG notes・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・One copy per unit
    (Separate purchase is available by registering with each special interest group.)
  • Discount for purchase of the Journal of JSAI, SIG notes, seminar texts, and Proceedings of annual conferences, and for purchase of back issues of AI Handbook: 10 to 50% discount
  • Free participation in AI Seminars and AI Tool Seminars for a year from the date of joining JSAI・・・One person per unit
  • Post of recruitment or internship information of your company itself to JSAI mailing list

The member must pay the annual fee before the fiscal year starts in principle. The invoice for the next fiscal year’s fee is sent to you by e-mail in February of the year. You can download the invoice of your annual fee at My Page of the membership management system Smoosy. We would appreciate it if you would pay the fee by the beginning of April. If you default on the payment of your annual fee, all or some of the privileges will not be provided to you during the delinquency period. Although the halted privileges will be resumed after your payment is confirmed, we do not compensate you for the privileges unavailable during the delinquency period. We do not reduce your annual fee because of the halted privileges, neither.


The business and fiscal year of JSAI starts on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year.
Membership fees for a year must be paid in advance, in principle.

In the case of joining JSAI in the middle of the year, membership fees for the year must be paid. The Journal of JSAI will be sent after your admission is approved by the board meeting.

When withdrawing from JSAI, the procedure for withdrawal must be taken using the Withdrawal From at the end of this page.
Please understand that we will ask you to pay your annual fee continually without the withdrawal procedure.
For details,see Articles 8 through 11 of the Articles of Incorporation of JSAI.

How to Join JSAI

If you wish to apply for your membership of JSAI, apply online from the following site. After having confirmed the application, JSAI office will send you an email message about the payment request for admission fee and annal fee. Please make a payment as required.
When the payment has been confirmed and the application for membership has been approved by the Board of Directors of JSAI, which is held once a month, the applicant will be qualified for membership.
There is a certain waiting period from application to qualification for membership. Those who intend to participate in the Annual Conferences as a member are advised to apply while allowing for sufficient time.

Admission application sites :
Individal member :
Support member (only in Japanese) :
Special subscription member (only in Japanese) :
Contact email address: membership [at]

Annual membership fee payment

An invoice for the next year’s annual membership fee will be issued in January of the same year and will be notified by email, so please pay by the end of March based on the invoice.
Individual members can pay their annual membership fee by credit card at Member My Page.
From second years onwards, automatic withdrawal via credit card payment is also possible.


If you are going to withdraw from membership, please apply for it using the resignation form.