Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

Enacted: September 16, 2005
Posted: September 21, 2005
Amended: November 15, 2012
Amended: October 26, 2017

The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI) recognizes the importance of personal information, complies with laws and regulations as well as JSAI regulations for the protection of personal information, and properly handles it in terms of acquisition, use, and management as follows.

Acquisition of personal information

JSAI acquires information that can be used to identify a specific individual to the extent necessary to provide services in accordance with the business purposes of JSAI. When acquiring personal information, we will clearly state the purpose. The information should be provided based on the will of the provider (registration), as a rule.

Use of personal information

JSAI uses the acquired personal information within the scope of the purposes specified below. The personal information provided will not be disclosed or passed on to a third party without the consent of the individual, unless there are special circumstances.

  • Identity confirmation, provision of services related to the application for use, charge for usage fees, and notification of change, suspension, and termination of terms and conditions of provision of services used and cancellation of contract
  • Provision of information necessary for administration of JSAI, such as sending of journals of JSAI, notices of general meeting, and ballot papers for voting, and communication between committee members
  • In addition to the above, provision of information related to JSAI services
  • Survey and analysis for the improvement of JSAI services

When any of the following applies, information might be used or provided other than for the purposes of acquisition.

  • Cases in which laws and regulations require
  • Cases in which the provider has given consent
  • In addition to the above, provision of information related to JSAI
  • Cases in which JSAI outsources all or part of handling of personal data within the scope necessary to achieve its business purposes (e.g., services such as delivery, outsourcing such as analysis of member data)

Management of personal information

JSAI conducts necessary and appropriate management to prevent the acquired personal information from being leaked, lost, damaged, or falsified. However, personal information disclosed by the provider or that has already been made public shall be outside the scope of the management of JSAI.

Disclosure and correction of personal information

When a request for disclosure of one’s own personal information from a provider has been made, JSAI will disclose the information without delay, in principle. When a request for correction of personal information was made, we will correct it without delay, in principle, to maintain updated information.

Cookie Policy

A web site created by JSAI (hereinafter designated as the “Site”) uses Cookies. This is used solely for the convenience of visitors when browsing, not used to identify visitors by Cookies. In some pages, plug-ins for external social network services and site analysis are used, in which occasionally a Cookie is issued or information is displayed. However, the information is under the management of external services and is not maintained and managed by the Site.

The Site shall be used on the user’s own responsibility. JSAI is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of the information acquired from the Site as well as other Web sites that have been linked to the Site. The Site contains links to other Web sites to provide useful information and services to members. With regard to the security of personal information related to the linked sites, JSAI does not take any responsibility. Users must use the information at the user’s own discretion.

Renewal of privacy policy

To accord with a change in law, or for other reasons, the privacy policy might be revised or renewed without notice. The latest privacy policy always applies to the personal information acquired by JSAI.
Such revision or renewal, whatever it is, shall be posted on the JSAI Web site and shall come into effect on the date of posting.

(End of Policy)