About The Japanese Society for AI

Though almost all the content on this site is written in Japanese, the following information will be useful for English speakers:

Transactions of the JSAI (online since 2001):

From 2001, JSAI separated the publication of technical papers into its "Transactions of the JSAI". These transactions are available for online access (papers are placed on the web once they are accepted), and also released as hardcopy once per year. Some of the papers in the Transactions are written in English, so they will be of interest to English speakers. Instructions to get articles are available here.

Journals of JSAI:

The JSAI Journal now contains announcements, tutorial papers, and articles on AI-related topics. Though almost all articles in JSAI journals are in Japanese, all authors are required to provide abstracts of theirs in English. The JSAI journal tables of contents since vol.11 no.3 are available in English. Some of the abstracts of the technical papers carried in the JSAI journal (before technical papers were separated into the Transactions of the JSAI) are also available in English.

JSAI announcement mailing list:

We manage a mailing list to announce AI related conferences or workshops. CFPs can be circulated to thousands of Japanese AI researchers.

Contact information:

How to contact The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence.

Online Transactions of the JSAI (since 2001)

IMT Joint Technical Paper Archive

This archive provides the technical papers published in English from the Japanese societies which are the members of Information and Media Technologies. You can access our technical papers published in English from the following archive.

IMT Joint Technical Paper Archive

To read Transactions of the JSAI:

Since vol.16 (2001), technical papers published by JSAI are carried in the Transactions of the JSAI and are available free of charge from the web, even for non-members of JSAI.

Online Transactions of the JSAI

CAUTION: All the abstracts are written in English. The body of almost all the article is written in Japanese, and others are written in English.

Journals of JSAI

To read the table of contents:

Though the bodies of almost all articles are written in Japanese, the JSAI tables of contents are written in English. The table of contents since vol.11 no.3. is available from this "Table of Contents" page.

JSAI announcement mailing list

To announce AI related conferences or workshops:

We manage the JSAI announce mailing-list to announce AI related conferences, workshops, and other events of interest to Japanese AI researchers (thousands of researchers are subscribing this mailing-list) If you wish to make an announcement, please fill in the following form and send an announcement,
the JSAI announce mailing-list form : http://www.ai-gakkai.or.jp/jsaiml/ml-form-eng.cgi
Article format should be as follows:
  • body of article should be plain text, and each line should be shorter than 76 characters.
  • do not use characters whose code is greater than 0x7f, i.e., characters with umlaut or accent marks, because such characters might be incorrectly displayed as Japanese characters.
Since this mailing-list is moderated, the following articles cannot be posted:
  1. commercial messages
  2. including slanders
  3. messages not relevant to the activity of JSAI
  4. not announcements
  5. over-sized messages (ex. including large attachments >300kb)
  6. articles that we consider inappropriate

To subscribe mailing-list:

Announcements and topics about AI related activities are mainly provided in Japanese. If you can read Japanese articles and want to subscribe our mailing-list, please refer the instructions in the following page:

JSAI announce mailing-list (in Japanese)

Contact information

  • General Information: info [at] ai-gakkai.or.jp
  • About our WWW pages: jsai-admin [at] ai-gakkai.or.jp

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