Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Vol.20 No.1(Jan. 2005)


Special Issue: Scenario Emergence

“Special Issue on Scenario Emergence”
Yukio Ohsawa and Hiroko Shoji
p. 1

An Open Problem from Cases of Scenario Emergence
— Towards Dealing with Incomprehensibility —
Shu Muramatsu
p. 3

Scenario Emergence on Corporate Self-Transformation
— Scenario Planning —
Michinari Nishimura
p. 9

Evolution and Emergence: Beyond Analogy
Osamu Sakura
p. 15

Scenario Emergence for Marketing Strategy
Hiroshi Tamura
p. 19

Expectations of Scenario Emergence; From Writer’s Viewpoint
Yo Yamanoguchi
p. 25

A Chance Comes Over to a Prepared Mind
— Scenario Creation from the View Point of Insight Problem Solving —
Kazuhisa Miwa and Hitoshi Terai
p. 30

Cognitive Aspect of Scenario Emergence
— Reciprocal Enrichment of Verbalization and Phenomenal Perception —
Masaki Suwa
p. 34

Special Issue: A Software Toolbox for Research Activity (2)

Editor’s Introduction to
“A Software Toolbox for Research Activity”(2)
Toshihiro Kamishima
p. 40

Open-Source Speech Recognition Software Julius
Tatsuya Kawahara and Akinobu Lee
p. 41

RoboCup Soccer Simulator
Itsuki Noda, Masayuki Ohta and Hidehisa Akiyama
p. 50

MUSASHI: System for Knowledge Discovery in Large Business Data
Yukinobu Hamuro, Naoki Katoh, Katsutoshi Yada and Takashi Washio
p. 59

Statistical Environment R
Multivariate Analysis, Tests, Regression Analysis, and Data Visualizations
Shigeru Mase, Takayuki Sakaguchi and Nobuyuki Taga
p. 67

In Commemoration of Graduation from CREP — The Challenge Is Forever

CREP from 2004 to 2005
Mitsunori Mathushita and Akiko Aizawa
p. 76

Six Years in CREP
Akinori Abe
p. 79

Robotic Communication Terminals as a Mobility Support System for Elderly and Disabled People (5)
Ikuko Eguchi Yairi, Kentarou Kayama and Seiji Igi
p. 82

Commentary Series:“The Voice of Practitioners in Data Mining”(6)

Problems in Operational Information System on Business Application of Data Mining
Yukinobu Hamuro
p. 90

Lecture Series “Brain Science”(1)

Lecture Series “Brain Science” — An Introduction
Akinori Abe
p. 93

How Does Brain Work When Hearing Speech Sounds?
— Human Auditory-Language Neural System, Neuroimaging, and Artificial Intelligence —
Toshiaki Imada
p. 94

Special Issue:“Doctorial Theses on Aritifical Intelligence”

New Trends of Researches for Doctorial Theses
Hideaki Kikuchi
p. 104

Foundations of AI 105
Learning & Discovery 105
Inflastructure of Knowledge/Information 107
Agents & Distributed AI 110
Emergent Systems 111
Natural Language Processing 112
Pattern Understanding 113
Human Interfaces 114
AI Applications 115
Others 117

Technical Papers Abstract p. 118

My Bookmark
Web Structure Mining and Web Visualization
Tsuyoshi Murata
p. 125