Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Vol.19 No.6(Nov. 2004)


Special Issue: “Novel Theories in Statistical Learning Models”

Editor’s Introduction to
“Novel Theories in Statistical Learning Models”
Yoshiyuki Kabashima
p. 635

“Artificial Intelligence and Singular Learning Machines”
Sumio Watanabe
p. 637

“Bayesian Inference Algorithms”
— Approximation Methods for High-Dimensional Integrals —
Naonori Ueda
p. 642

“Non-Parametric Models and Bayesian Statistical Inference”
—The Density Estimation Problem as an Example—
Toshiaki Aida
p. 650

“How Learning Machines Are Working?”
Hitoshi Sakano
p. 656

“Statistical Mechanical Approach to Statistical Learning Models”
Yoshiyuki Kabashima
p. 662

Special Issue: “Around Evolutinary Systems”

Editor’s Introduction to
“Introduction to “Around Evolutinary Systems””
Masayuki Yamamura
p. 670

A Natural Selection-Type in vitro Evolution Reactor
Yuzuru Husimi
p. 672

Evolution and the Maintenance Mechanism of Diversity
Kei Tokita
p. 678

Evolutionary Theories in Sociology
Yoshimichi Sato
p. 686

Evolutionary Perspective and New Approaches in Economics
Yuhsuke Koyama
p. 694

Survey Papers:”Bridging the Digital Divide and Expectation to Artificial Intelligence”
Dialogue Language as an Example
Akira Ichikawa
p. 702

AI Technology for the Greatest Happiness of All Human Beings — As the Closing of the Special Isssue and Survey Papers
Kaname Kasahara
p. 709

Commentary Series:”The Voice of Practitioners in Data Mining”(5)
Application of a Data Mining Method to Chronic Heart Failure as a New Form of Evidence-Based Medicine
Jiyoong Kim, Takashi Washio and Masafumi Kitakaze
p. 710

Special Issue: Intelligent Processing of Web Contents
Editors’ Introduction to “Intelligent Processing of Web Contents”
Jun Adachi, Hiroshi Nakagawa and Hideaki Takeda
p. 712

Technical Papers

My Bookmark
Information Retrieval
Takashi Miyata
p. 724