Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Vol.19 No.4(July 2004)


Greeting from the New President

Greeting from the New President
Mitsuru Ishizuka
p. 407

Message from Editor-in-Chief
Koichi Hori
p. 408

Special Issue: “Ubiquitous Computing”

Editor’s Introduction to
“Ubiquitous Computing: Towards Human Centric Computing Era”
Hideyuki Tokuda
p. 409

I/O Control Devices for Constructing Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Tsutomu Terada
p. 410

Human Computer Interaction in Ubiquitous Computing
Role of System Software in Ubiquitous Computing Environment
Kazunori Takashio, Jin Nakazawa and Hideyuki Tokuda
p. 425

Various CoBITs Enhanced by Ubiquious Information Processing Environment
Takuichi Nishimura
p. 433

Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks
Yosuke Tamura and Yoshito Tobe
p. 441

Real-World Oriented Ubiquitous Network
Hiroyuki Morikawa
p. 447

Ubiquitous Services and Real-Space Computing
Toshihiro Takada
p. 454

Survey Papers
General Unification Theory
Masateru Harao
p. 462

Lecture Series: New Trends in Linguistics for AI Reseachers to Learn From (6)
Towards the Sciences of Communication
Masato Ishizaki
p. 468

Commentary Series:“The Voice of Practitioners in Data Mining”(3)
Data Mining for Scoring Model in Finance Industry
Kiyoshi Ono
p. 475

Significance of AI in Solving Problems That Can Not Be Foreseen Beforehand
Setsuo Ohsuga
p. 478

Special Issue:”Intelligent Agents”Abstract p. 499

Technical Papers: Abstract p. 507