Request for Membership Fee Payment

Membership fees for members are described below.

types of membershipannual membership fee(yen)admission fee(yen)
Student Member4,0001,000
Supporting Member80,000/per unit
Special Subscribing Member15,000

Membership fees account for much of the financial base of JSAI. Delayed payment might hinder the activities of JSAI. Your kind consideration is much appreciated.

  • When making changes in place of employment, address, etc. or withdrawing from membership, please contact us via the email address for [Admission/ Withdrawal/ Change] in the List of Contact Addresses.
  • With regard to payment for the annual membership fees and the registration fees for special interest groups, to avoid a mistake in confirmation of payment receipt, write the breakdown and amount in the correspondence columns of the transfer slip when making a payment.

Payment with the name of the company alone is difficult to check with the name of a member and membership number. Include your name or membership number, if possible.