The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Anti-Harassment Policy

The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence aims to create an environment in which all speakers and participants can freely engage in discussion. Therefore, the Society will not tolerate any illegal or harassing behavior toward speakers or participants in any form at symposia, national conferences, joint seminars, research meetings, etc. organized by the Society.

Harassment means “violation of human rights” in the broad sense of the term, and refers to any discomfort or disadvantage caused to another by speech or action that offends their dignity by relating to gender, age, occupation, religion, social origin, race, ethnicity, nationality, physical characteristics, sexuality or other attributes, appearance, medical condition, or any other broadly related personality traits. It also includes unwanted photography, recording or videotaping, inappropriate touching, offensive language or behavior, as well as academic and power harassment.

Examples of Harassment

Verbal attacks, accusations, bullying, or offensive comments
Offensive or intimidating behavior
Continuous disruptive behavior during presentations or other events
One-sided sexual attention
Inappropriate physical contact
Intentional intimidation or stalking in person or online
Use of sexually or racially offensive images or materials in public spaces
Ignoring, encouraging, or advocating any of the above behaviors

Each time a relevant issue arises, the board of directors will organize
a committee to discuss the issue and to consider specific responses

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