Session recording

Japanese (Session recording)

Session recording and video-on-demand service of the recorded sessions

We will hold all sessions of this conference virtually online, and all conference participants can attend and view any of them from their PC in real time. We are also planning to record the following sessions, which contain speech, lecture, presentation, Q&A, and discussion, to provide the video-on-demand service for the participants to view the recorded sessions after the next day of the session until June 30, 2024.

Sessions which we are planning to record

general sessions, organized sessions, international sessions, keynote speech, invited speech, special speech, tutorial, proposed sessions, student sessions

Request to speakers

If you are one of speakers of the above sessions, we would ask you to agree that your speech and presentation will be recorded for the participants to view your recorded speech and presentation as video on demand. Although applicants submitting their paper to this conference confirmed this agreement when starting their paper submission process in the paper submission system, we would ask other speakers excluding them to agree about this, too. In addition, please pay attention to your presentation document more than before, so that it does not infringe the rights of other people’s copyrights, because it is recorded.

In case you do not agree that your speech and presentation will be recorded for this video-on-demand service only for conference participants, could you inform that to the conference office by May 7, 2024? We will consider and discuss with you how to treat your speech and presentation.

Request to both of speakers and viewers

When you attend or view one of the above sessions to be recorded or other sessions of this conference, you may not record other person’s speech, presentation, or face in the session, nor take photos of them using your PC, smartphone, or camera without permission.


We are planning to provide the video-on-demand service of the recorded sessions until June 30, 2024. There is a possibility, however, that we might decide to remove all or a part of the recorded sessions from the service due to unexpected reason.