The guide to participants

Japanese (The guide to participants)

This conference will take place by a hybrid format supporting both of in-person and online participation. The participants can join almost all sessions at the venue and from distant places.

1)All participants
2)On-site participants
3)Online participants

1)All participants

  • You can see the presentation schedule at web program site. You need to log on the site to access Zoom URLs and paper PDFs. An email message whose subject is “your account of web program site” is sent to each registered participant at the of May. Please find your log-on ID and password in the message.
  • The zoom URLs will be available at the site.
  • Due to your PC, web browser, Zoom application, or network environment, you could not access video contents in the web program site or Zoom meetings. Please log on the site in advance to check whether you can access them.
  • Although poster sessions are just as an in-person session, you can see the poster of each presentation at the web program site.
  • A smartphone application, which enables you to see the timetables, papers, maps of the conference, and so on, is available. Download it from the following link.

2)On-site participants

Access to the conference venue

See this page.

Prevention measures against COVID-19 infection

We carry out the following measures. We appreciate your kind cooperation.

  • Wearing of face mask
    The wearing of a mask is based on personal judgment.
  • Hand sterilization
    A hand sanitizer is placed at the entrance of KUMAMOTO-JO Hall.
  • Participation after the onset
    Remote participation is recommended for 5 days after onset and 24 hours after symptom relief.

Reception at the venue

Participants who already made registration:
Print out your participation certificate PDF which can be downloaded at the registration system, bring the printout to the venue, and show it to the staff at the reception desk. The printout will be your name card during the conference.

Participants who have not made registration yet:
You can make registration and online credit-card payment at the following web site, even during the conference period. Please make them before coming to the reception desk.
We could not accept cash payment. We ask you for your kind understanding.

Reception opening hours

10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Tuesday, June 6
8:30 am – 6:00 pm, Wednesday, June 7
8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Thursday, June 8
8:30 am – 3:00 pm, Friday, June 9

3)Online participants

Almost all sessions, excluding interactive sessions, industrial sessions, and lunch seminars, will be recorded to provide the video-on-demand service of their recorded videos to the conference participants after the next day of each session. Please do not record any sessions to your own PC, smartphone or camera without permission.
We recommend that you should check your PC, Zoom application, web browser, and network environment, which you are going to use for the conference, in advance.

How to join the session

The Zoom URL of each session is shown on timetables at the web program site. Please enter the meeting corresponding to the session you want to join after 5 minutes before the meeting starts.

When joining a session as an audience participant, please set your name at the Zoom participant panel to English alphabet.
* You can rename it yourself after attending the meeting.

We ask you to enter each session after 5 minutes before the session starts, because we need some preparation with the chair and speakers of the session. When the session ends, please leave the meeting as soon as possible, because some preparation for the next session is needed. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Plenary sessions (PS) and proposed session (KS) at room A are held using Zoom webinar, and other sessions using Zoom meeting. Audience participants can only listen and see the speakers’ presentation in webinars, but they cannot talk using their microphone there. Use the chat function, if you have any questions or comments to the speaker. On the other hand, you can talk using your microphone in Zoom meetings, if necessary, although your microphone may be off when you enter a Zoom meeting. Please turn off your microphone and video camera to avoid noise, howling, or communication troubles, if they are on but you are not a speaker.