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The 23rd Annual Conference of The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI2009)@Takamatsu, June 2009 bookmark

  • The 23rd Annual Conference of The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI2009) and co-located international workshops will be held according to the below schedule. The conference program will include the followings: invited talks, keynote speech, demo poster sessions, organized sessions proposed by members of JSAI. The committee of JSAI2009 widely invites the submission of papers for the annual conference and international workshops.
  • Host: The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
  • Date: 17th -> 19th June, 2009
  • Venue: Sunport Hall Takamatsu, Takamatsu, Kagawa

Important Dates bookmark

  • Application Deadline: 26th January 2009
  • Paper submission Deadline: 20th April 2009

Format Guideline in JSAI papers bookmark

  • Notice
    • Style files provided here may be updated. Please confirm that you use the latest version of style files before you submit your manuscript.
    • Style files are updated. (7th Mar 2009)


1. Introduction

  • This page contains format guidelines for English manuscripts for the 23rd annual conference of JSAI. The conference proceedings will be distributed on a CD-ROM containing PDF files prepared by the authors. To ensure that all papers in the proceedings have a uniform appearance, please refer to the following instructions.

2. General Information

  • File Format: The manuscript file should be a Adobe(R) PDF (Portable Document Format) file.
  • File Size: The size of the manuscript file should be less than 3Mbytes.
  • File Name: The extension of the file name should be ".pdf".
  • Paper Length: The length of each paper is two (2) pages. One or two additional pages can be included.
  • Title and author's name(s): The title of the paper and author's name(s) should be the same as those inputted in the application form.

3. Style File

  • As a courtesy to authors, we provide template files for Microsoft Word and style files for LaTeX.
  • For LaTeX [Ver.2009-02]
    • Download: jsaiac_tex_en-2009-02.zip
    • Release Date: 2009/03/07
    • Encoding: DOS Text (Shift-JIS, CR+LF)
    • LaTeX version: LaTeX 2.09, LaTeX 2e
    • Files included: the style file "jsaiac.sty" (valid for both Japanese and English manuscripts), and guidelines in English
    • Notes: If you use UNIX, please change character encoding and new line code.
  • For Microsoft Word [Ver.2009-02]
    • Download: jsaiac_word_en-2009-02.zip
    • Release Date: 2009/03/07
    • Tested versions: Word 2000 for Windows (English version and Japanese version)
    • Files included: The template file "jsaiac_en.dot" for English manuscripts, and guidelines in English The English template "jsaiac_en.dot" is essentially the same as the Japanese template "jsaiac.dot". If you use Japanese-version Word, you can use the Japanese template for English manuscripts. Please see here.
    • Notes: The format of submission is neither LaTeX nor Word. We only accept PDF files.

4. Specification of Format

  • Please format your manuscript as follows, if you cannot use our style files. Note that if you use our style files, your manuscript will be formatted according to the following specification automatically.
  • Paper ID: The identification number of your paper, as notified in the acceptance letter, should be placed to the right of the title in 14-point Arial (or similar sans serif font).
  • Header: Each page (including the first page) should have a header "The 23rd Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 2009" in 10-point italic Times-Roman (or similar) font. A line should be placed under the header. The width of the header should be the same as the width of main text area.
  • Page Number: (page number): Each page should have the page number as a footer. The style of the page number is "- # -" where # indicates the page number in Arabic numerals (e.g., "- 1 -", "- 2 -"). The page number should be started from 1 for each paper.
  • Paper Size: A4 (not 8-1/2 x 11 inch)
  • Page Margins: top and bottom margins: 25mm, left and right margins: 17mm.
  • Main Text: The main body of the paper must be formatted in two columns in 10-point Times Roman (or similar serif font) with 12-point leading (line spacing).
  • Title: The title should appear at the top of the first page, centered over both columns in 16-point. Author's names should appear below the title of the paper, centered in 12-point, along with affiliation(s). The abstract must be placed below the affiliation(s), centered over both columns (in slightly narrower width than the main text area) in the same style as the main text. The abstract should be no more than 150 words in length.
  • Contact address: The contact address of the authors must be placed at the bottom of the first column. It may include the name of the contact, affiliation, address, phone number, facsimile number, and E-mail address.
  • Headings: The first-level headings should appear proceeded by 1,2,3 ... in 11pt Arial (or similar sans serif) font. Second-level headings should appear proceeded by 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ... in 10.5pt. Third-level headings should appear proceeded by (1), (2), (3) ... in 10pt.

5. Contact