Japanese (Registration)

Registration application

Click the following button and make registration using Confit, JSAI2021’s online registration system, which is the same system for paper submission. You can choose bank transfer, credit card, or convenience store payment as the payment method. However, the bank transfer option is not available after 5pm JST on Friday, April 22.

Registration site

After completing your registration application, Confit sends you an e-mail message for confirming your registration. The message includes your login information to login Confit again. Keep the message until you will receive your admission ticket.
In case that the number of applicants exceeds 2,500, there is a possibility that we might close the online registration before the deadline or we might decline or limit the same-day registration. We recommend making early pre-registration.

How to make registration without charge as a sponsorship privilege will be notified to the contact person of each sponsor by the beginning of May. The participants enjoying this privilege should not make registration at the above ordinary registration site.

The same-day registration will be accepted from June 9 (Thu).

The conference is planned to be held in a hybrid format combining in-person and online meetings. The format, however, might be changed to absolutely online due to the spread of COVID-19. Even So, we could not accept any refund request after the payment. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Registration fee for participation

Registration fees for participating in JSAI2021 are shown in the following table. The fee of early pre-registration is less expensive than that of late or same-day registration. We suggest that you should finish your registration and the payment in advance.
All applicants who submitted their paper to this conference should login Confit for their participation registration using the same login ID with that of the paper submission. Otherwise, the registration and payment of submission’s account could not be confirmed.

(Unit: Japanese yen)

  Member (no tax) *4 Non-member
(including 10% tax)
Regular member Student member Support member *2 Adult Student
Registration fee Pre-registration Early pre-registration:
from March 1
to 6pm JST on April 22, 2022
12,000JPY 5,000JPY 12,000JPY 24,000JPY 10,000JPY
Late pre-registration:
to 6pm JST on May 20, 2022
14,000JPY 7,000JPY 14,000JPY 26,000JPY 12,000JPY
same-day registration 18,000JPY 9,000JPY 18,000JPY 30,000JPY 14,000JPY
Presentation fee *1 3,000JPY 3,000JPY 5,000JPY 5,000JPY
  Collaborating association’s member
(including 10% tax)*3
Regular member Student member
Registration fee Pre-registration Early pre-registration:
from March 1
to 6pm JST on April 22, 2022
13,200JPY 5,500JPY
Late pre-registration:
to 6pm JST on May 20, 2022
15,400JPY 7,700JPY
same-day registration 19,800JPY 9,900JPY
Presentation fee 3,300JPY 3,300JPY

*1:We ask all applicants who submitted their paper to this conference to make the participation registration by Friday, April 22, and to make the payment of the participation fee and presentation fee by Satuarday, April 30. There is a possibility that their submission might be cancelled, unless we can confirm their payment at that time.

*2:This option is available for participants who belong to one of support member companies of JSAI except for those who submitted their paper to this conference. We offer the same price as a regular member’s up to five people of the support member company per one contribution unit.

*3:As for pre-registration, we offer special prices to members of TAAI (Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence), which are the same as those of JSAI members excluding tax.

*4:You have to be a member in 2022 fiscal year to select this participation fee. If you are going to become a member and to participate in this conference as the member, you need to complete the membership application and the payment of membership fee by the end of April, 2022. Unless your membership application is in time for this day, please participate in this conference as non-member. From January, 2022 we are accepting membership application for 2022 fiscal year (April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023). We suggest that you should start the application procedure early.

Pre-registration application period (Online registration and payment)

The online registration period is from Tuesday, March 1 to 6pm JST on Friday, May 22, 2022. Early pre-registration application period ends at 6pm JST on Friday, April 22. At around the end of May we plan to send admission tickets by e-mail to all applicants whose payment we have confirmed. So, complete the payment until Monday, May 23. Your registration is completed when we confirm your payment. You could cancel your application before the payment at any time. However, we cannot refund it in principle, after you will have completed the payment.

After pre-registration (The same-day registration and payment)

We are planning to have an online site for the same-day registration after the pre-registration application period.
The same-day registration is accepted at registration site from June 9. Note that only credit-card payment is available.

PDF download of your invoice and receipt in Japanese

You can download your invoice PDF around one week after your registration application, and your receipt PDF around one week after your payment confirmed by the office. Please access the following URL to download your invoice or receipt.

Beneficiary bank account for bank transfer

Bank name: Mitsui Sumitomo Ginko
Branch name: Iidabashi shiten
Account category: Futsu
Account number: 7188565
Account name: Ippanshadanhoujin Jinkouchinougakkai

Please see the following account information in case of bank transfer from foreign countries.

Beneficiary bank branch name: IIDABASHI BRANCH
Beneficiary bank address: 1-18, AGEBACHO, SHINJUKU-KU, TOKYO, 162-0824, JAPAN
Beneficiary account no.: 888-7188565
Beneficiary account name: JINKOCHINOGAKKAI
Address: 402, OS BLDG., 4-7, TSUKUDO-CHO, SHINJUKU-KU, TOKYO, 162-0821, Japan


JSAI2022 Office, The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)
Room 402, OS Bld., 4-7, Tsukudo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0821, Japan
E-mail: jsai2022-office [at]